Is Now Live!

If you need any insurance in India, then the latest site by MyOrbit can help you:

This is an Insurance marketplace where insurance buyers can get quotes from various insurance sellers. Till now, there was no such website to provide this service in India. Based on feedback so far, the site offers a very useful service.

Many buyers of insurance products today want reliable services that be purchased online, or using phone plus email. The site is currently registering insurance sellers (agents/ brokers/ companies) for the sell side, and expects to have 100+ insurance sellers by December 2009, which will enable competitive offers to insurance buyers coming to the site.

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One thought on “ Is Now Live!”

  1. IndiaInsurancemart has got to one of the best initiatives. In India, after years of public sector influence still struggles to match exact consumer needs with regards small and big insurance needs. I hope your service is able to bridge this hole and offer close to customized solutions with regards to Insurance needs of Indian people. Can’t wait for it to be operational on both Demand-Supply section of the supply chain. I am reserving my decision on few of my local Insurance needs till such time.

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