Internet and Spam: the story continues…

Symantec has released its periodic report on the State of Spam for April 2007.

Some of the interesting points in the report are:

  • The percentage of spam as image spam has been volatile over time, but remains high at 37 percent.
  • Phishers are once again begining to use tricks, such as obfuscation in scripts, to conceal phishing attacks.
  • Spam is beginning to appear in force in European languages.
  • There has been a notable increase lately in spam advertising replica (“knockoff”) watches.
  • The US alone is responsible for almost 60 percent of all Internet mail and almost 50 percent of all Internet spam.

And I wonder who is responible for the mail that comes from Nigeria, and of late Malaysia, saying ‘you have won $10 million in inheritance and if you don’t claim it in 15 days it will go for charity’. The bad part is that some people see charity as so low down the order of how money can be used.

Just a couple of weeks back, I also got a serious sounding mail from (fake URL) on how I need to speak with the signed person ASAP to resolve an issue. Thankfully, the delete button is in our control.

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