Internet Security Guide

Is Your Computer and Personal Info at Risk? Yes. IBM research has shown that Every Computer Is Under Regular Attack From Malicious Software and Hackers.

Dear Internet User,
The world wide web today is similar to Wild West of the 1880s. While most people just want to build their world online, there are a number of outlaws whose goal is to take what you own. Hackers are intelligent and give a tough fight to anti-malware programmers.

If you regularly use the internet then your computer and all data inside it is constantly at risk. Hackers and their software is constantly trying to violate the security of your computer and take away whatever important files and passwords. As an Internet user, your best bet is to have a good quality anti-virus and follow certain rules while you are using your computer, because there are so many automated hacks running, malicious software and scripts abound on the web, and SPAM is at an all time high.

Nothing Worse Than Having Your Computer or Website Exploited. Have you ever dealt with a virus on your computer? it is a danger we all face, but many of us we have no idea how to deal with it. In the best case a computer virus is a temporary annoyance, at it’s worse it can cripple your system and steal your sensitive personal information. You not only have to know how to fix a virus issue, you need to know how to prevent it!

Dealing with a hacked website is tough and risky. Do you have a website that receives lots of visitors daily or brings ad revenue every day? Imagine it being hacked, losing your spot in the search engines and not having a back up to restore. Your website may be flagged by Google as a potentially harmful site, and suddenly traffic will not come as visitors will fear clicking on your website.

Based on our study Internet security, we figured out that anyone, even the most non-techy of us can put some basic security measures in place, that can protect yourself. No guide can ensure 100% web safety, but the simple, easy tips in this guide will help you avoid the common, regular and automated type of attacks.

Know The Facts About Keeping Yourself and Your Websites Secure

The Web Security Guide has been developed to take your average computer user and teach them simple steps that will take their web security to the next level. The guide is broken into two sections.The first section is all about protecting your computer and personal information. The second section is for web entrepreneurs or hobbyists, who need to protect websites. The topics covered include:
o Password creation
o Password management
o Free programs to protect your computer
o How to spot computer infection
o Spotting online scams
o Securing your Wi-Fi connection
o Internet Security best practices
o Properly backing up your website
o Basic guide to website security
o Securing your website with plugins

If you want to remove the target on yourself, your websites and your personal information, then don’t wait any longer – buy this guide today. The peace of mind alone is worth it.

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