Investment Opportunities in UK for 2011-2012

Hello Folks, since Jan 2011, we have been researching a few good Investment Opportunities in UK that can be used by investors and entrepreurs in our network – anyone based in the UK or abroad – location does not matter in such investments.

Our focus has been to look at businesses that are net exporters to the world, and have solid assets that will appreciate with time, even if the current economic weakness drags on for 1-2 years more. For some reason, many people in the UK automatically associate investment opportunities with property investments in the UK, but it does not have be like that because by investing in UK property, you are missing out on the growth happening in emerging economies like Brazil, Russia, India and China.

Many UK companies have business interests in these growth economies, and you must profit from them. Given the QE2 and overall positive liquidity in the global capital system, we believe natural resources are present a strong investment opportunity for anyone with 4 to 5 year timeframe.

Within the UK, Internet services, financial services, renewable energy, and pharma/biotech industries also present great investment opportunties that could give 25-50% return on investment in 2011-2012 timeframe. If you are interested to know more, please contact us .

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2 thoughts on “Investment Opportunities in UK for 2011-2012”

  1. I agree about the need to consider investment opportunities that somehow leverage the growth in BRICs. How much investment amount will be needed for the opportunities you have identified? It will help investors decide if what you have is right for their budgets. Thanks/Jason.

    1. Hi Jason, one can participate in the investment opportunities we have identified from just £1000 onwards (minority shareholding in an established business), and there is no upper limit as even £100-200 mn or more can be deployed easily into multiple businesses without compromising on the liquidity of the investment. In most cases, we are looking at undervalued businesses that should regain their fair value in 12-24 months, and in that process deliver good returns for current investors. Hope this clarifies. Thank you/ Shankar

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