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The way you present your services is how you package them. The way you package your services determines “sale” or “no sale”. Even when what you’re offering is the very same thing it’s how you say it that makes the difference and increases sales.

When you were a newbie you were trained, perhaps I should even say grilled, to follow a prepared presentation. It didn’t take you long to figure out when you use a “presentation” you’re selling no ifs, ands, or buts about it. And people hate to be sold.

And now, you’ve put your presentation away and you focus on holding a sales conversation. Good for you. However; you may have some of those old features, advantages, and benefits statements hanging around keeping you from selling more.

Believe me you want to have a sales conversation because when you do it feels far more natural for both you and the prospect, and you close nearly every prospect who’s a good match. To do that you have to identify where the prospect is in the buying stage, and then you adjust your conversation to meet them where they are. This makes it possible for you to achieve far greater success in less time.

By the way, sales people have a tendency to either presume each prospect is in the first stage or the last stage of buyer readiness. When you’re wrong you start off on the wrong foot and it’s very difficult to connect with the prospect, and obtain them as a client. You’re out of sync and they won’t feel comfortable with you or buying from you.

Just think about it: when you connect with a prospect

  • they may have no idea they have a need for your solution,
  • they may have some recognition they have a certain level of need for your solution but they aren’t ready to do anything about it,
  • they may be thinking about your solution and investigating their options,
  • or they may have an immediate need for your solution and be looking to buy now.

These are the four very distinct levels of buyer readiness. You don’t want to treat each prospect as though they’re in the same stage of readiness. The only way you can know is by asking questions. 

Listen to what they say before you respond and adapt how you respond to what they say. You’re very familiar with feature, advantage, and benefit statements. All three are absolutely worthless if they don’t match the buyer’s needs.

Plus those statements are focused on selling someone something not helping them buy what’s right for them. Instead, you only talk about features you’ve determined from your conversation are of interest to the buyer. You’ve gotten down to the details of their current situation and what they need, so you know when something about your service is an advantage and only point that advantage out if it’s relevant. You also understand the only time something is a benefit is if it directly fulfills a want the prospect says they have.

You’ll be glad you’ve made these little adaptations in your sales conversation because you’ll immediately notice anĀ increase in sales. You’ll also notice both you and your prospects feel very comfortable talking to each other because they don’t feel like they’re being sold, and you don’t feel like you’re swimming upstream in a white water rapids. It’s a win-win leading to loyal clients willing to do repeat business with you and refer you to others.

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