Key Benefits Of Leadership Games In Leadership Development Programs

No matter it is a company, a family, committee or a nation, they all require people having complete package of leadership skills which include leadership games. A leader is not a boss but a person who is committed to obtain mission and guides all other members to achieve common goal. A leader contains many impressive qualities; some of them include self confidence, capacity to work hard, self awareness, skill to build relationship, effective communication skills, emotional maturity and assertiveness.

Leadership activities are inexpensive and basically experiential activities which are designed to use in different leadership development programs and training. Leadership games contain 25 particles with a set of clear directions and hints to use them. These are concerned to estimate skills such as team leadership, managing conflicts, risking innovation, fostering collaboration and using diversity.

Many leadership training camps and courses uses this popular technique of playing leadership games. These games are very interactive and good estimation to know compatibility of a person as a leader. These leadership activities have become essential and more and more businessmen are taking leadership training courses to improve their management style and qualities of their leadership.

Many leadership games entail role playing programs (RPG) in which player consider him as a leader of the pack and try to meet the objectives of the game by sacrificing, smooth tactics and strategy planning.

According to Einstein, normal human being uses only 10% of the brain and to make use of other 90%, these role playing leadership games and mind teaser games are essential. Although some people consider that skills developed in virtual world of playing games don’t work in realty but they are wrong. Sometimes people are not aware of their hidden potential and abilities. Leadership games make them realize that they have enough skills and potential which they have to use to become an outstanding leader.

Leadership games are very beneficial. One of the essential traits of a leader is trustworthiness. Many leadership activities are developed to test this trait. One of them is ‘Blindfold’. In this game a business group is divided into two subgroups. One group is required to blindfold themselves and the other group is required to take this group by the hand towards two objects but without communicating to them. The blindfold group will then recognize the two objects by touching it. Leader makes the final decision by consulting his colleague and this exercise develop and make the group realize the importance of trustworthiness.

One other set of leadership games is designed to make realize the concept of team building and collaboration. One of such game is “smart hunt game’. First the group is divided into two or more teams with 5 to 7 members in each group. Each group selects its own leader. The leader can be a person with lease leadership qualities to make him get benefit from this confidence building exercise. Another leadership game is designed to mimic the leadership process. It is basically a scenario in which your plane crashed and your team has to choose 12 essential items which are necessary to survive.5 to 10 minutes are given for briefing, 15 to 30 minutes are allowed for exercise and 5 to 10 minutes are allotted for scoring. 20 minutes are assigned to brief and discuss. The key of this game is to listen and to compromise.

Some extra effort is needed to become an outstanding leader and to take leadership capabilities to its maximum. These leadership events help in one’s effort to take his skills to the level he wants to.

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