Kicking Off A Great New Year 2010

Happy New Year Folks! Here’s a starting thought for 2010:

“Once we accept our limits, we can go beyond them” – Albert Einstein

The above was one of his favorite messages, and we can trust Einstein to have thought through the various aspects behind his thought. There is great value in these words in every possible project and venture.

As we have pointed out in many previous posts, many businesses are not able to make sales and profits they deserve because there are gaps or holes in their business process; someone is letting ready prospects go away, while someone else is trying to sell to cold prospects; someone is not trying enough for repeat business, while someone is relying totally on that; someone is afraid of upcoming changes in their industry; while someone has not even thought about it!

This year, we will share numerous insights and learnings from businesses and professionals worldwide as they take on bigger projects, and make them successful. We plan to have at least 10 posts every month, so you will have a lot of new stuff every time you visit.

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