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Leadership can be taught. There are some skills have to be learned for a good leadership. In some people these qualities are inborn but some people have to learn these skills.

What are the means to learn these skills?

Either you can watch a leader and learn from him. The other way is to learn the skills is from a leadership coach. Last but not least, is to learn these invaluable skills from a book or a journal.

There are umpteen journals available that are dedicated to the cause of leadership learning. These journals are the only places where one can learn newer and newer ideas. The sole aim of these journals is to work towards better leadership. A number of exponents in leadership training write in these journals.

This valuable advice is otherwise unavailable to everyone. One can exploit the information which is at your fingertip.

With the advent of internet and World Wide Web one can easily access all this information easily. All required information is just one click away. One cannot always have the assistance of a peer or a coach owing to one reason or the other. In such circumstances peer journals are the best way to acquire the information from the journals.

The leadership journals provide you the cutting edge information about the development of leadership. These help you gain a good understanding about what is leadership, the roles of mentors in leadership.

Leadership journals give information about what are the new trends in leadership and the information about communities that can help you to become a good leader.

The journals publish information in various categories like research, practice, commentary, and reviews. You can choose the information as per your needs from these categories.

The research section basically deals with theory based papers that debate and explores the methodological and theoretical issues concerning various issues and disciplines of leadership.

In these sections, you can find commissioned articles by leading authors on various topics related to leadership. They also contain debates about various issues regarding leadership.

The practice section contains some articles form practitioner researchers and academics. The section mainly deals with the practice of leadership among various sectors. These articles are subject to peer review and editorial review. This section is a treasure trove for aspiring leaders.

The commentary section has a provocative, timely and profound commentary on the contemporary leadership issues. This section can help you to keep pace with the changing trends in the area of leadership.

The review section encompasses the valuable information about the book that are of great help for a leader. The reviews are rigorous and concerned with the leadership education.

The articles which have undergone a meticulous peer review certainly help you to decide what you should read in order to keep in touch with modern developments in field of leadership.

Again it is important to note that though the journals are best mentors good leadership skills can only be achieved through practice. The journals only take care of the ‘intellectual’ side of your leadership but the ‘action’ comes through practice only.

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