McKinsey: How can businesses use Web 2.0?

McKinsey Quarterly, in one of their recent survey reports tells how businesses are using Web 2.0, or want to use it. As always, their survey is very well presented, and most points are valid. Now, here are our notes from it for you:

Over 75% executives who responded to the survey intend to maintain or increase their investments in Web 2.0 technology trends that encourage user collaboration, such as peer-to-peer networking, social networks, and Web services.

The report also talks about some executives wanting to these technologies for a sustained competitive edge.

Now, in our view, while ‘sustained competitive edge’ is unlikely by any people driven Web 2.0 technology, it is already bringing benefits and profits for those early adopters who are able to understand what to do.

For example, are you able to use your websites to pre-sell your services? Or are you collecting enough information from your online clients and prospects? Or do your teams collaborate enough, and also keep client in the loop?

All these things can earn more revenues while reducing costs = more profitability. And this isn’t not some textbook equation…it’s happening already!

So if you haven’t got a clue where to start in your business, contact us, and we will show you at least 2 ways to rapidly benefit.

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