Mental Sales Is No “Secret”

The art of sales is replete with plenty of lead-generation and marketing systems, websites and toll-free hotlines that promise to bring prospects knocking down your door. But is it possible that there’s another factor-one that we only give periodic lip service to- that might be the real missing key to top producing success?

Napoleon Hill made his mark in the early 1900’s with his landmark book, Think and Grow Rich.
In fact, it’s no surprise that many, if not most, of America’s noted self-development gurus admit that Hill’s book opened doors (& minds) and served as the catalyst for massive and on-going success. Interestingly, numerous real estate coaches and top brokers and sales coaches and trainers from all industries will note the same claim to fame. What was it about Hill’s book that hit home for so many? He acknowledged the power of the mind: we get what we think about.

Not to insinuate that Hill’s ideas suggested we think nice thoughts and then sit around on our laurels waiting for prospects to drop from the sky. Indeed, action is the impetus of measurable results, but before anything-comes the power of thought. When Hill wrote his book, some of his ideas seemed a little bit beyond the ozone layer. However, something gave rise to his credibility. Since steel magnet Andrew Carnegie commissioned Hill to set about the 20-year task of interviewing the richest men in America-men who had last names like Firestone, Woolworth and Wrigley, not to mention Thomas Edison himself-credibility was difficult to challenge.

Fast forward 100 years or so and let’s consider how we can use that ageless wisdom and technique to find prospects and close transactions. While Hill’s verbiage included less explanation than what today’s quantum physics can define a bit better, the fact is that we get what we focus on. If you focus on a deal falling through, catching a cold or getting a flat tire, please don’t be surprised when the dreaded event occurs. In fact, with enough consistency, you can almost bank on it.

While so much press has been given to the movie, The Secret, that it’s surely not a secret anymore, many advocate viewers seem to miss the whole point, and others insist it’s because the whole point isn’t included in the film. In writing somewhere around seven books now (I only lose track because I’ve written hundreds in my mind!) I can tell you that my very first book, Girl Gets World, from 2000, focused on the law of attraction and every book thereafter (with the exception of one real estate book that was more pragmatic). That said, hundreds, no, make that thousands of authors, speakers, trainers and gurus alike have been major proponents and teachers of “the secret.” So why all of a sudden did America seem to wake up and run to the video store?

My guess is that it was simple and “dumbed” down in a way that everyone could “get it.” You see a beautiful diamond necklace, you imagine yourself wearing it, and presto! You wake up and it’s on your neck. So no, it’s not that easy as most of us have figured out. However, and this is what’s important, the idea of “the secret” has gotten more people interested than ever before into understanding a bit about the law of attraction and how it can improve (and sometimes save) lives. And, I suspect if Napoleon Hill had created a Technicolor movie replete with catchy sound bites from Andrew Carnegie and Thomas Edison, well, Mr. Hill might just have won an Academy Award.

There are no tricks or patentable “methods” for using the law of attraction. In fact, it works with our without your buy in, effort or attention. Like gravity, but more difficult isolate and prove. It’s there, though, trust me. So, we all-especially those of us in sales!-would do well to explore the not-so-secret-secret should we wish to excel beyond all rhyme and reason.

The trick is to use this technique to create a healthy business. To constantly keep your mind as focused as possible on the results you do want as opposed to worrying about those you do not want. Unfortunately, we live in a time when negative focus is the order of the day. Just think about it. People are always talking about how the economy is bad and things could get worse; that kind of focus is creating more of the same even if we don’t mean for it to transpire that way.
Fortunately, some-not most, but some-salespeople are aware that success in sales starts with the mental aspect; your mind-set. Even top producers in any industry who have never read about or understood the power of their thoughts are using those positive thoughts to create more sales.

Why not take a chance and try embracing the practice of positive thought and expectation? See the preferred end-result in everything you do, every action you plan on taking. Then take that action, keeping your mind constantly and powerfully focused on the excellent outcome you want to occur. Watchdog worrisome, negative thoughts and fears and replace them with determined, desired results. It might be worth the effort…what do you think?

I love to hear success stories to include in my articles and books, so feel free to pass you’re my way!

Tamara Dorris, MA is a sales coach, hypnotist, professor and author. Her company Top Producing Technique is a membership-based website for real estate professionals and she provides one-on-one sales coaching and corporate speaking and training. Visit her site at [], get a free white paper on top producers at [] and send her your questions, comments and good stories at

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