Most Effective Website Template owners of 100+ websites, and having developed 200+ websites in last 5 years, we constantly look for the most effective website templates/themes/website layouts. For example, Google’s site layout is a masterstroke in terms of clarity and simplicity. A white background is a must for any website that wants people to stay for a while and read their cotent. Clear links in blue help. 2 column layout is best for a business website, and a 3 column website works well for a media/cotent rich website like here on Recently, WordPress (a website publishing software) has released a theme called: Coraline

This theme is based on original work by Chris Pearson released under his theme called: Cutline (Cutline is probably the most adopted wordpress theme, and for a good reason — it has a very effective layout and sharp font colors for easy reading). Here is an example website:

Chris Pearson’s work on website themes is top quality, and this Coraline theme takes it forward.

You can replace the header with another image to suit your profession/audience.  So if you want to start a new website or blog, this is one of the best themes — good quality programming and user friendly.

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