My-Data-Team: Data Entry & Work From Home Jobs

My-Data-Team’s mission is to help all members succeed with the best experience possible. The company offers a comprehensive program in Data Entry and other work-from-home opportunities. It all starts with you and our personal mission to keep the utmost honesty with our members and to make sure you are satisfied with our company.

Meet The People Behind The Company:
Timothy Darwin is a founder and Director of My Data Team (also referred to as Global Data Entry or World Wide Data Entry). Timothy He was originally employed in the Silicon Valley CA, but fell victim to major downsizing in the late 90’s. Timothy was a Data Specialist and decided to take his skills to the Internet. He spent years prior to trying work-from-home opportunities, some good and many bad. He decided to put his knowledge of the Internet and Data Entry to work.

Timothy’s goal was to find companies that had downsized who would send him work. He found that the number of opportunities for data entry was overwhelming. He then decided to create a program for My-Data-Team to give others the same opportunity.


  • This is a great system, I have tried many so called legitimate companies, to always be disapointed. This is truly the best on the market. I have no regrets on my decision to become a member. Keep up the nice work. – Karen B, Campbell, TX
  • Just wanted to write to compliment you on your traditional data entry jobs listings. I have been able to find some great jobs through the members pages. I am currently doing some transcript work thanks to you guys Thanks for the opportunity. -Chandra D, Laguna Beach, CA

Website & Contact Information: If you have been looking for extra income or work-from-home opportunity, then visit: My-Data-Team

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