N95 Face Mask is Recommended Swine Flu Mask

First and most important: All Face Masks Are Not The Same! A regular face mask offers not much protection against influenza (swine flu or avian flu). You can not rely on the commonly available dust mask. The face mask has to be a good quality mask with certain minimum specifications.

For people exposed to infectious viruses like influenza (swine flu virus or avian flu virus) anywhere in the world,  the US CDC (Center of Disease Control) recommends an N95 face mask with a good tight fit around the edge where it contacts the face.


The N95 Face Mask offers the best respiratory protection, even though it can be difficult to wear for long periods because it makes breathing harder, but its does offer real protection. It is fluid resistant and at least 95% efficient against solid and liquid particles that are larger than .03 microns, excluding those containing oil. In fact, the “N” stands for “Not oil proof”.

Therefore, very clearly, the N-95 Face Mask is the best choice if you expect to be exposed to influenza¬† (swine flu or avian flu).¬† Ordinary masks can’t prevent the flu virus.

The fit of the face mask is important so that there are no leaks between the mask and face. The “Duck-Billed” shape variation of the N-95 face mask allows extra breathing room for the face and nose.



Recommended Specification for N95 Face Mask to be used as Swine Flu Masks:

*N95 NIOSH approved particulate respirators
*Lightweight construction includes an adjustable nose piece and foam seal to reduce the potential for eye wear fogging.
*Round masks fits over mouth and nose
*Two durable, latex-free head straps
*Compliant with 42 CFR Part 84
*Provides a minimum of 95% filter efficiency against certain solid and non-oil based particles for excellent worker protection.
*Can be used in labs, for painting, for doing household projects, and for general protection against respiratory viruses

You can consider smaller sizes for children, if they are available, otherwise a regular N95 mask is still the best alternative.

If you don’t have N95 Face Mask at your local pharmacy store, please contact us, and we will try to arrange it for you.

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6 thoughts on “N95 Face Mask is Recommended Swine Flu Mask”

  1. N-95 Masks are the Gold Standard for airborne viral infection (CDC recommendations for those working directly with the virus or those infected with it)
    – Dr. Lynne Heckert

  2. The Flu virus is spread by microscopic particles/droplets and it can live outside the body for a while. The virus can be contracted from surfaces or from contaminated air. So all mucous membranes must protected.

    It is not clear right now whether eyes can be a route of flu spread. So goggles can be considered for eyes, with wrap around glasses being better than no eye protection.

  3. I have beard on my face and because of religious purposes i am not allowed to shave my beard what type of n95 mask is fits on my face

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