Natural Herbal Supplements for Liver Health

One of the largest glandular organs, the liver is very important in the vital functions within the body and is thought in Ayurvedic medicine to be the center of the dosha, or constitution, known as Pitta.

Essentially, the liver performs important functions such as changing plasma to blood and storing energy to be released into the system as glucose for maintaining blood sugar levels.

Harmful toxins are recognized by the liver and are eliminated prior to entering the bloodstream. There are natural detox remedies available that may help to improve basic liver functioning.

Whenever the liver becomes overrun with toxins it loses the ability to recognize and then remove them from the body. Several factors may contribute to a build-up of toxins in the liver, for example eating a high fat diet or consuming too much sugar, alcoholic beverages and processed foods. Additionally, food items containing pesticides, preservatives and chemicals may also lead to toxic overload within the liver.

In order to function well, the liver must be able to process toxins properly and effectively every day. Not only are toxins derived from the foods consumed, but additionally from the various products used on the skin, and the actual air that is breathed.

Although consuming alcohol excessively frequently is to blame for liver damage, many medications, both over the counter and prescription, can have harmful effects as well.

The liver is vital in processing toxic substances as cellular waste such as urea synthesis; a by-product of metabolized proteins that the liver sends into the bloodstream.


A Healthy Liver


The Pitta dosha controls the liver with the element of fire being the principal component. When the Pitta dosha in the liver becomes imbalanced, many issues such as skin irritations, infection or surplus acidity can result.

Scientific studies have proven the liver to be vital for the proper processing of digested foods into a more effective form. Similarly, Ayurveda contains the enzymes needed for digesting the five elements contained in foods. These five sense organs-eyes, nose, ears, skin and mouth are nurtured by the five elements.

Toxic materials may be recognized by the liver not just for their potentially harmful effects, but their ability to heat the body as well. Ayurveda indicates that alcohol, along with greasy and processed foods, has the ability to heat the body.

Everyone may find helpful benefits when using natural detoxification supplements and other remedies to maintain a healthy liver. Additionally, keeping a well balanced Pitta dosha by consuming a limited amount of foods that may irritate the Pitta is beneficial.

People who are Pitta predominate should try hard to balance their Pitta dosha given that they naturally tend to burn hotter than other dosha categories. When Pitta requires increasing for other types, the introduction of healthy Pitta fire sources such as cardamom, cinnamon, cumin, or black pepper may help.

Ayurveda greatly suggests performing a natural detox remedy after each season change; spring being considered the best time. When the liver is detoxified during the spring, the body is allowed to get rid of the toxins that were built up during the winter. Also, the time between summer and fall is a prime period to take on a natural detox so the body can once again eliminate the toxins built up over the warmer months.

The liver is the base for the emotions governed by Pitta, and therefore an imbalance of Pitta will frequently manifest in mood swings, anger, impatience and irritability. Yet, on the other hand, a well balanced Pitta dosha creates healthy feelings of courage, ambition and confidence. Anytime the emotions such as fear or sadness are suppressed the liver can be damaged as badly as when alcohol or processed foods are eaten.

Herbs and Supplements for Liver Health


There are many natural herbs for detox that will improve liver function and create a balanced Pitta. Some of the ways that natural supplements and herbs positively affect the liver are bile production, balancing Pitta and cleaning and detoxification.

Bhumyamalaki – A basic herb intended for both stimulating and supporting liver function.


Sharapunkha – Utilized for improved bile secretion, blood purification, as well as inflammation reduction. Additionally, Sharapunkha maintains general liver health.


Punarnava – Beneficial for eliminating any toxins deeply entrenched inside the liver cell walls.


Chiretta – Promotes bile secretion while stimulating the liver and producing glycoside to protect the liver.


Indian Barberry – Helps increase bile flow and is a great natural ingredient for correcting liver function.


Liver Balance is a product to improve digestion and clear blocked channels while cleaning the liver. Elim-Tox-O may be used to provide gentle body cleansing and liver support. This product cleans the body and liver, can be used long term for regular cleansing and does not result in over heating of the body.

At minimum, individuals should perform an annual cleansing fast via one of the various natural detoxification supplements and remedies recommended by Ayurveda. Keeping the liver functioning properly will guarantee a healthier outlook on life.


The liver must be carefully maintained for proper health and vitality. Stay away from foods that irritate Pitta and remember to find healthy ways to deal with emotions while enjoying liver friendly foods.


Consider taking supplements that will naturally support and detox the liver in order to not only restore Pitta balance but remove the harmful toxins that result in dangerous toxin excess.

Natural detox remedies and supplements for liver health with Maharishi Ayurveda at Get Balance.


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