Operating a Green Business

If you are starting a new business or looking to breathe new life into your existing business, going green can be a beneficial direction to take. By becoming more conscientious you will improve your brand image and open your business up to an ever growing market. At the same time, greening your company can help your bottom line by saving you money.


Consumers today are seeking out environmentally responsible companies. The market of people who only support green businesses is quickly becoming the mainstream. Getting your company recognized as such will lead to having a very loyal following. The conscientious customer looks to support small local businesses that consider the impact they have on their environment. How you go about this can be simple, but must be authentic. Adopting a socially responsible lifestyle for yourself will help your cause and make it that much easier to educate yourself as well as your customer.


Minimizing waste is an important aspect of going green as well as an excellent way to save your business money. Update lights and electronics for more energy efficient models and turn off these items when they are not in use and you will not only be reducing your carbon footprint, you will also be lowering your energy costs. Utilizing the services of other local businesses will help to keep shipping costs down as well as to reduce any negative impact on the environment. Technology also gives us many opportunities to go green such as emailing and online billing instead of faxes and traditional mail. Using less will go a long way to offsetting the cost of using environmentally friendly products. The government even offers incentives to businesses that operate in a green and efficient manner.

Once you have made the commitment to going green, it is time to market your business as such. Keep in mind that the green consumer is quite savvy and will recognize when a company is exaggerating their claims of being eco-friendly. You can legitimize your claims by implementing third party certification for your product. This allows you to include their “ecolable” on your product. For example ENERGY STAR certifies energy efficient products and the USDA certifies organic foods. Consider the packaging of your product to insure waste is reduced. Utilize the internet to reach your customers, even if you are looking to do business locally.


Socially responsible trends are gaining popularity for good reason. Going green benefits everyone. The more we consider the effect that our choices have on the environment, the closer we come to insuring a positive future for ourselves and our planet.

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