Philp Kotler on Marketing Lessons from Barack Obama’s US Election Campaign 2008

In the above interview, Philp Kotler expresses his opinion on marketing lessons from Barack Obama’s 2008 US election campaign. Barack Obama made perfect preparation with discipline and right choice of bright people.The key marketing lessons that can be taken from Barack Obama’s marketing campaign were ‘high tech’ and ‘‘high touch’. High touch means there is an emotional component selling hope and high tech is using the Internet to its best. They created database for sending relevant messages to right people the right time.

On key learning for businesses Philip Kotler says: “I think the climate you establish makes a big difference”. So the high hope concept will make a difference if people will keep going on with passion and purpose and not fear. So basically a company and its people got to be positive realistically.

And Barack Obama’s campaign also used the latest Internet short-messaging platform “Twitter” extensively to share updates every day as he moved from place to place. This adoption of new technology helped him reach out to a far wider group of people in real time very effectively.

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