Recession Proof Your Sales Team in the Next 90 Days!

The game has changed!

Listening to people across Australia, from the news to people on trains and buses, in the office and at social gatherings, “economic crisis” is on everyone’s lips. Adding fuel to the hysteria are the dire warnings coming from the government. As the panic ensues, CEOs, managers and sales people, are sent ducking for cover.

So if you are managing a team of salespeople, what should you be doing right now? Should you,


  • batten down the hatches?
  • shrink your sales team?
  • wait to see what happens in the stock market this week?
  • get out of the office and go into the field – what good will it do anyway?


Whether a “recession” will spread itself across all industries, or whether it will remain localized to just a few markets, one thing you can be certain of… the game has changed! Once we shake ourselves out of our “deer caught in the headlights’ reverie and acknowledge that the game has shifted, then we need proactively change our game plan.

There is no “silver bullet” solution

Whilst there is no “silver bullet” solution to achieving sales in a softening market, If you are reading this report then you have no doubt been wondering how you are going to dig your sales out of this “crisis economy” and get your salespeople to achieve their sales goals. Let me start out by asking you what on the surface may seem like a simple question If you knew better would you do better? Of course you would! Well, after reading this report you will know better. The real question is… will you do better? In other words, will you simply read the information below and dismiss it as being too simple? Or will you apply the knowledge herein with a definite of purpose for the next 90 days?

The simple sales leadership tool that delivers high speed results!

Sales productivity is all about “execution”. Doing the activities it takes to bring home the sale. This report will illustrate how using one very simple and easily applicable, powerhouse leadership tool, can electrify your sales team’s revenue production! “A bullet proof method for recession proofing your sales team’s results in the next 90 days!” might sound like an exaggerated claim. Yet I have coached hundreds of sales managers in the use of this formidable tool, each with staggering results. In fact it never ceases to amaze me how, when the process you are about to learn is consistently applied, measurable sales increases take place.

I have even witnessed the system completely butchered by some sales managers and yet they have still managed to turn their sales around! This proven and disarmingly straightforward sales leadership process will work for you. It will work whether you are managing a sales team selling services, or products. The system is equally effective in wholesale, retail, in-home or in B2B selling environments. It makes no difference if your sales cycles are long or short or if you sell to key accounts or manage territories across vast areas.

This practical method will work for you whether your current sales production is way below par or right on target. (By the way I have even seen this system deliver results through independent sales agents). If you want to smash your current sales results then adopting this uncomplicated and yet high voltage sales management tool is an absolute MUST! You too can completely turn your sales generation engine around, no matter the economic woes in your market, if you will read and implement the information set out in this report.

Work this clear-cut system religiously for the next 90 days and watch your sales revenues blossom.

Watch out in the coming days for the continuation of this sales coaching article.

As one of Australia’s leading authorities and coaches in sales management, Ian Segail has been involved in the coaching, training and development of sales managers and salespeople for over two decades. Drawing on 25 years of experience in sales, sales management and leading an HR and training team, Ian brings a strong dose of fiscal reality and practicality to his works as a Sales Performance Coach.

Engaging directly with business owners and both novice and experienced sales managers alike, across a wide variety of industries and selling disciplines, the focus of Ian’s work is to transform sales results for companies by improving sales management practices. Ian is the author of “Bulletproof Your Sales Team – The 5 Keys To Turbo-Boosting Your Sales Team’s Results” and a number of business articles, business reports and white papers including “The fish stinks from the head!” and “Why Sales Training Doesn’t Work.”

Ian has an insatiable hunger for studying selling and people management and has passionately pursued answers to the question “How come some people can sell and most can’t?”

He can be reached via

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