Sales Coaching – How to Find Clients

What do you do when you are just starting a business and need your first client? What if your existing clients have closed their purse strings? What if you just want to grow your business and the only way to do that is to get more buyers? In all three instances you have to find a way to get clients willing to pay for your services.

There are lots of ways to get new clients. Before you set out to do any of those things you need to prepare to effectively get more new clients. That means the first step to finding new clients for your business is to prepare your proposition for business.

When it comes to a proposition many people mistakenly think of a pitch for your services as your proposition. Unfortunately, when you approach a potential new client that way you position yourself as an ordinary sales person. Once you put yourself in that slot it spells BIG trouble for your efforts to get more clients and more sales.

As soon as you put yourself in the ordinary sales person slot you trigger the defenses of your potential new client. Once that potential client becomes defensive they get extremely skeptical and they don’t trust you. If they don’t trust you they will never hire you as their service provider.

No one hires a service provider they don’t trust. Trust is mandatory in any service business. Once you put your trustworthiness under question it’s a tall order to overcome trust issues.

The other problem with centering your proposition on your services is you immediately trigger objections.

That’s why you hear things like, “I already have a (insert whatever you do)”.

That’s why your certifications or level of experience come into question.

That’s exactly why these potential new clients think of you as an expense they can live without.

When you develop your proposition think about what the people who buy your services are looking to get, solve, or overcome. Put yourself in their shoes and look at it from their perspective. Imagine if a software sales rep called you and asked if you’d like to buy their CRM program.

What would you say? No.

Now imagine if that same sales rep called and asked if you would be interested in some ideas to close more sales. I’ll bet you’d say “yes”.

The first proposition was about a thing. The second proposition was about what the potential new client wants the thing only comes into play if they have a need waiting to get filled.

How much could you increase your sales starting now?

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