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The good news is a lot of your competitors seem to be looking at the sidelines – that is good for you and bad for them. Next, even though historically on-boarding has been understudied, in the last several years enough has long been completed to provide a starting list of best practices to get the job done – and getting it right.

Today a sales force must not simply be in the position to sell an aggressive advantage; they have to be considered a competitive advantage. In most companies, it is significantly difficult to sustain a competitive edge by conventional means. Traditional factors like: superior products, scale, and innovative manufacturing technology may possibly give temporary benefits, but unfortunately they could be duplicated in relatively small order by an increasing number of agile and aggressive domestic and international rivals.

Although an excellent sales staff is difficult to build, they have the potential to provide a significant competitive advantage and, maybe more excitingly, one that’s difficult for competition to easily copy. So refining sales performance matters a lot more these days compare to what it did yesterday and it will make a difference more the next day compared to what it does today. A significant length of time is spent in most sales calls asking questions about simple background information – and rightly so. Today, however, there’s a much better way. Sales people can and should obtain nearly all of that basic information by using the Internet. Clients anticipate sales agents to provide value – however they can’t add value if they’re spending their time having basic information that may have and should have been obtained prior to the call ever started. You’re basically squandering your time budget with the physician, nurse, or administrator.

Today, if you want a world-class sales force, you have to specify on boarding as an on-going training process, not as a one-time event. Sales training programs are needed not only for on-boarding new hires for the company but also for on-boarding your existing sales team to handle an extremely changing buying environment. As your company enters new markets, launches new products, deals with keener competitors, as well as deals with ever changing demands within customer organizations, sales training is among the answers for executing an excellent response to these changes. You just cannot sustain superior sales force overtime, if you don’t invest in skill development overtime.

Sales Coaching could open up your eyes to assist you to meet your sales goals. In the past, sales training had a questionable report card. That was then and this is now. Today, leading edge sales training companies have crafted a new generation of sales training – they work, they make a difference, plus they are affordable.

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