Sales Proposal Template and Checklist

If you are involved in any form of sales, client engagement, pre-sales, or business management, this is a must watch video. It’s one of the best videos on the Internet on how to prepare a good sales proposal. Thanks very much to Bill Dotson for sharing his experience along with numerous real-life examples. This is a very practical video that you can use right after watching it.

Often, there is so much rework at the last stages of proposal development just because some team members involved in the proposal were not aware of the full picture and customer business needs. If you are the manager, you have probably been giving your tips to the team every time you have a proposal.

In fact most companies, and that includes some very large companies, don’t have a clear business proposal checklist. It’s very much left for the sales manager to train his team — again and again. If you have been there, you will know exactly how it is like.

So make a note of this page and use it the next time you are submitting any business proposal. And more importantly — share it with all your team members who are involved in making your business proposal.

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