Skype Users Pay Attention – Skype Defender Trojan Alert

With about 10 million people online on Skype at anytime, it’s probably the biggest communication channel in the world today, and with many new paid-plugins coming for improving the productivity from Skype, more people are using their credit cards to buy Skype minutes and also various plugins, like for call recording, fax, etc. In all Skype is rapidly established as a communication base for both people on a tight-budget and well-off professionals who like the convenience of having free online telecons, and other office tools.

All this activity has resulted in multiple phishing attacks on Skype in the recent weeks. That sets the set for a new Skype malware/trojan that calls itself Skype Defender, which sounds like a security plug-in. On Oct 16, Skype has given a warning on its own blog about the Skype Defender Trojan Alert

Here’s another report with images from

The trojan steals your Skype login and password and passes it somewhere else.  And it also steals any passwords saved using Internet Explorer (IE). Why is IE constantly behind Firefox in security despite having more resources? You can’t change the world, but you can change your browser. Consider using Forefox – its a safer option.

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