Strengths Based Sales Leadership Tactics

If you have been given the important position of acting as the leader for your sales team, then it should be your primary goal to increase productivity and lead your group of sales professionals to success. Company growth and a solid reputation all rely on the efforts and success of your sales force; so you will want to do what you can to build up the strengths of your sales team and find out ways to overcome the weaknesses. When you start to lead your sales team, you will find that different teams and different team members have different strengths and as an effective leader you will first need to identify these strengths before you can lead or make any changes.

Keep in mind that different individuals on your team will have different strengths. This is important as you will want to make sure that you treat each member of your team as an individual instead of treating the group as a whole. In addition to identifying the strengths of each sales member, you need to identify the best way to build up the weaknesses of each of your sales members and turn them into strengths. A great deal of this has to do with proper motivation. Just as each team member will have a different strength or weakness, each team member will be motivated in a different way, so if certain approaches don’t work at first you will want to keep trying.

When it comes to strong leadership within your sales team, having a mutual respect between you and your team members is essential. This can be achieved with open communication. Sit down with your team and let them know what you feel their strengths are and what areas can be improved. Also show them by example the strengths you posses as a sales leader so that they can learn by your example. Never focus on their weaknesses as being problems, but being areas that can eventually become strengths. Since the sales environment of today tends to be so stress-driven, by focusing on strength and using your strengths to find success you will keep a more positive attitude within your sales force.

Keep in mind that strength within a team is often built by taking on challenges. You can not build up the strengths of your sales team by not pushing them or by avoiding difficult situations. Instead spin every tough situation, not as a moment where weakness can prevail but where your strengths as a team can come out. However, none of this can be possible without effective leadership. In addition to being able to point out and play up the strengths of your team, you need to be a strong leader yourself and never forget that your example and your approach to leading your team will impact the way they approach your current sales efforts.

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