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China – Top Performing Market of 2014

Japan was the top performing market of 2013, and China is the top performing market of 2014. The plunge in crude oil prices is likely to wreak economic havoc on vulnerable oil exporters such as Russia and Venezuela (both countries face recession in 2015), oil prices have hit 5 year lows this week, falling nearly 50 percent since mid-June 2014 as weak global demand for crude oil, combined with strong supply growth from new production wells going live in 2014. South and Southeast Asian markets also featured in the top-five performing markets after registering double-digit gains. Philippines and Indonesia equities followed close behind, both rising over 22 percent. Chinese market (Shanghai Composite) has bounced back after last couple of years of weak performance, and gained 52% in 2014, on the back of policy action by Chinese govt to boost the local economy, to become the best performing Asian market, and top performer worldwide for 2014 while beating Indian markets which gained 31% in 2014. Read More…

OPEC cuts Oil Price target

Crude Oil prices are down 25% since their recent higher levels, and are currently at nearly 4 year low. Experienced energy analysts feel crude oil prices may remain low in the near term due to increasing US shale oil supply, but crude oil prices are likely to move up back to $100 per barrel.
One day after Saudi Arabia lowered prices in an attempt to hold market share in the USA, to compete with the cheaper shale oil in the United States market, the White House spokesman Josh Earnest said that the USA is monitoring the global oil demand-supply situation but has no comment on whether it might look at replenishing the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.
Meanwhile, Goldman Sachs analysts believe the crude oil surplus supply situation will remain till Q2, 2015. However, industry veterans believe crude will bounce back by Jan 2015, its just a matter of few weeks for the commodity to stabilize, and then the big short squeeze will play out, and we may see crude oil back at $100 per barrel by Jan-Feb 2015. Continue reading

China News 23March2012

China News March 23, 2012 par NTDTV

News covers:

  • Mining Blast, Organ Harvesting Practice from Prisoners in China is likely to be abolished soon, under constant allegations that young prisoners are killed for their organs.
  • Upcoming Hong Kong Chief Executive Election update, China wants full democracy in Hong Kong (though we are not sure how long the one country two systems in Hong Kong will continue). Only 1200 people will be voting from 12 million people in Hong Kong.
  • President of Indonesia visits China to strengthen bilateal ties.


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  • Iran raid likely to drag in US, hurt global economy

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  • France urges Turkey not to overreact to genocide law – Reuters
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  • China’s Xi to Visit White House – Wall Street Journal
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