Ten Keys to an Effective Coaching Experience for Sales Success

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received, Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, was once asked, when reflecting upon his life, and sales success. “Everybody needs a coach,” he said. “The one thing that [people] are never good at, is seeing themselves as others see them-an [effective] coach really, really helps.” Great advice, right?

A coach IS a worthy investment, and for this reason demand for coaching has risen dramatically in the past decade.

So sure, we can safely conclude that the investment for Eric Schmidt was returned ten fold, but hiring a coach is just half of the work. Arming your sales goals with a business coach is a smart, and proven way to enhance your chances of sales success, but hiring a business coach alone does not guarantee that you will have an effective coaching experience. Sales success is dependent upon myriad factors, and if enlisting a sales coach happens to be one them, we must additionally learn what it takes to have effective coaching experience.

10 Keys to an Effective Coaching Experience for Sales Success

1. Commit to moving your business forward.

2. Articulate clear, concise and measurable goals.

3. Begin by being your best self. Hold yourself to a continual improvement standard. Never stop learning.

4. Honor the promises and commitments you make to yourself. They are some of the most important promises you will ever make. Be willing and ready to make commitments to yourself.

5. Schedule self-reflection time prior to each coaching session. Arrive with discussion topic and establish an agenda for each session. Think about what you need to move your business forward.

6. Reflect on the sales skills, competencies, behaviors and attitudes that you are working on. Determine what you need help with in order to thrive. Ask for help where you need it.

7. Complete agreed upon action steps and follow up prescriptions.

8. Enjoy the journey and have fun, laugh and be joyful. Self-growth is joyful and satisfying.

9. Be coachable! Be receptive to trying new methods, being bolder, and learn what works and what does not work for you.

10. Just like watching an exercise program on TV will not alone help you to lose weight, coaching alone will not change your business or sales success.

Changing behavior comes through regular, consistent activity, and that is the best formula that yields reliable results.

In sum, it is YOUR performance from one coaching session to the next that will be ultimately what determines an effective coaching experience. As we move into the season change with reformed commitments and challenges about what it takes to truly enjoy sales success, let us be reminded that worthy coaching investments can transform your journey, but with that… SO MUST YOU.

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