The Liver Cleanse

Why cleanse the liver?



Supporting your liver may just be the missing key to your optimum health! Your body has an amazing filter–the liver. How often do you change the oil in your car? Every 3,000 miles. How often do you change the filter in your liver? Never. The liver is responsible for over 300 different things; one of them is filtering the blood. The blood comes up into the liver. The liver has two blood supplies, one comes from the lungs and heart and the other from the stomach and intestines. The blood comes in and goes through the filtering process and gets all the impurities out of the blood. It gets oxygen from the lungs, it gets nutrients from the small intestines and stomach, and the red blood cell comes out the other end of the liver and it’s all clean and happy and strong and it has oxygen and nutrients. Now it’s heading down to feed your body.

When the liver gets plugged up the blood comes and it has the oxygen attached to it, it has the nutrients attached to it, but all the toxins have not been removed. So now it has food colorings, preservatives, nitrates, carbon dioxide, you name it, it’s stuck onto the red blood cell. Now it goes down to feed your body and it gets pulled into a cell. Because a cell has respiration, it needs to get rid of carbon dioxide and bring the oxygen in, take in nutrients and push the toxins out. So it pulls this in and uses the oxygen, the foods and nutrients, and creates ATP, which is the energy to the cell.

All of sudden there is a food coloring, that’s a toxin; it’s foreign to your body. The cell says, uh oh, someone’s moving into the neighborhood and I don’t like it. It literally builds a place in the cell where it puts the toxins. Over time and distance, one year, five years, whatever, that shed becomes larger than the brains of the cell. When that happens, the cell says, “The neighborhood’s gone to pot.” It sends a chemical message to the brain and tells the brain to come down clean up the neighborhood.

The brain sends down the cells that kill foreign objects in your body. They get down there and start looking around and say, “Man, the whole neighborhood’s shot.” So they jump in there and take it all out. A lot of that neighborhood is you. Those are cells you need; this is the birth of an autoimmune disease (i.e.: cancer, lupus, Fibromyalgia, rheumatism, arthritis, asthma, allergies, etc).


The liver secretes vital digestive juices that help properly digest food and cleanse the blood. Pesticides, polluted air, water and soil are inhaled or absorbed daily. Our exposure to toxins is increased by our use of steroids, medications, smoking, over-indulgence of alcohol, poor food choices, and not drinking enough fresh clean water. There have been over 3,000 synthetic chemicals identified in our (those of us in the USA) food chain. Many of these are cancer causing!

With the prevalence of synthetic foods, nutrient deficient foods, and the environmental pollution of our air and water, our liver is working harder than ever to detoxify our body and regulate healthy metabolic activity. Our livers are also in charge of helping regulate and balance hormones, the proper functioning of our neurological system, and getting rid of the normal by-products and toxins that occur just because our body is functioning regularly (in addition to the toxins that we take in from our polluted environment).

Why is the liver important?

The liver is the second largest organ of our bodies. The adult liver weighs 1200-1500 grams (1.2-1.5 kg) and comprises 1/5 of the total adult body weight. It filters 1.4 liters or 3 pints of blood per minute. The liver is the only organ that can regenerate itself. It takes up a lot of space but is not there for padding.

The liver has over 300 functions, among them are:

The supreme organ of metabolism

Causes all things to happen in your body the way they should happen

Is the main organ for detoxification of pollutants and chemicals in the body

Part of the digestive system

Responsible for metabolism of fat, proteins, and carbs

Creates bile

Stores blood and energy reserves in the form of glycogen

Stores fat soluble vitamins

Helps maintain electrolyte and fluid balance

Breaks down excess hormones (like estrogen)

Stores certain unresolved emotions, mostly anger, rage, and resentment or bitterness

Major detoxification organ through its various enzyme systems

A blood purifier

Transforms fat soluble toxins into water soluble substances so that they are more easily eliminated

When the liver is in failure it is the underlying cause of basically everything that goes wrong with our bodies.

The liver does all of the above and more AND it is one of the most often ignored organs. In the 25 years Dana Clay Young (the formulator of the Be Young brand of essential oils) has been studying the human body and essential oils he has yet to find a single disease that he cannot trace back to the liver.

What are signs I need to cleanse my liver?

Symptoms of a mild liver dysfunction may occur even though blood tests show the liver is normal. Blood tests won’t show the liver is in trouble until it is really bad.

Common symptoms due to poor liver function:

Abdominal bloating and swelling

Allergies (especially sudden or later in life onset)

Anxiety, frustration, inability to function harmoniously with those around you


Bad breath in the morning and tongue is coated


Chemical and environmental sensitivities

Chronic fatigue

Colds and flues (the liver is responsible for immune function)

Concentration and memory problems



Difficulty losing weight

Digestive problems


Drowsiness after eating

Elevated cholesterol


Feeling tired after eating


Foggy brain

Gall stones

Gallbladder disease


Heart palpitations

High blood pressure

Hives, rashes

Hormonal imbalances

Hyperglycemia (low blood sugar), also indicates a yeast or Candida problem

If the liver has to work harder than normal you will experience an increase in body temperature.

Immune system dysfunction or disorders

Inability to handle fats without feeling nauseated or belching




Irritable bowel syndrome (where the bowel actions are irregular varying from diarrhea to constipation during a 24 hour period)


Kidney stones

Lack of harmonious flow of vital energies in your body–one minute you’re bouncing off the walls, the next you’re depressed and lethargic

Mood swings-especially involving depression and anger

Nausea (esp. after eating fatty foods)

Night sweats (not hot flashes, night sweats)


PMS as well as excessive menstrual flow containing many clots of blood

Poor concentration and memory

Poor digestion

Rapid pulse

Weak tendons, ligaments, and muscles

Weight gain especially around the abdomen

And more

As you do the liver cleanse you will experience gradual improvements. You will begin to notice:

You will see many cravings go away as you do the liver cleanse.

You will feel calmer and have fewer emotional swings.

You will discover you have more energy.

It will increase your metabolism.

Your immune system will be rebuilt.

Make sure you have plenty of lemon and peppermint and lemon juice on hand so you don’t run out because your family will want to do it too!

Make it as ritualistic as brushing your teeth–everyone in the home should do it.

You will see amazing changes within your body and your overall health as you embrace health instead of fighting disease.

The liver cleanse is the missing link to optimal health.

It is exciting to see how people feel like they’ve been freed from the shackles that they’ve been living in for so long when you explain to them what cleaning the liver can do.


How hard is it?

Most people think they’d rather die than do another liver cleanse because other liver cleanses are so harsh. This Liver Cleanse is simple, easy, and painless. You can cleanse without hunger, headache, fatigue, boredom, or cravings.

That is something that you won’t find anywhere out there in the cleanses that are going on–they will require starvation or long-term fasting that is going to produce headaches, fatigue, boredom or cravings like crazy. In fact, it’s almost too easy. Many people won’t do it because they don’t think it’s hard enough.

What is the recipe?

Always make sure your essential oils are 100% pure, therapeutic grade, and EOBBD tested for purity before taking them internally! (Like Be Young essential oils.) Other oils can cause challenges ranging from a burned throat to a trip to the emergency room.

The basic liver cleanse recipe:

1 drop Lemon essential oil

1 drop Peppermint essential oil

1 teaspoon to 1 Tablespoon (or more) freshly squeezed Lemon Juice

Each morning as you rise before you eat or drink anything, 20 minutes before eating.

You can use more than one drop of oil, but when first starting try to get just one drop of each. Some people do it twice a day, depending upon the severity of their challenge.

Usually only once a day–if you have a more severe challenge don’t overdue it, you can put yourself in a cleansing detox. If you have some severe health challenges we recommend that you consult with a health coach (like us) or that you start slowly. The slowest way to start is to apply the essential oils to the bottom of your feet and add the lemon juice to a glass of water.

Some people notice a stomachache upon starting, that means that you are dumping some toxins fast! Back off, slow down, and drink plenty of water.

Depending upon the severity of your condition this cleanse may need to be as long as a year or more before you start seeing some pleasing results. For every year you have seen the effects of a weakened body and congested liver you need one month of cleansing to take place. Optimal cleansing results are seen if you are decreasing the amount of toxins you are putting in your body while doing the cleansing.

If you have high blood pressure that increases with the use of peppermint essential oil modify the liver cleanse this way: Apply Lavender over the heart and at pulse points before consuming the liver cleanse. (What is a pulse point? Where you take your pulse on your wrists.)

You can also opt to use Spearmint essential oil, it does many of the same things as Peppermint, but does not elevate blood pressure (note: as you do the liver cleanse you should see blood pressure diminish, be sure to keep an eye on it if you take medications–do NOT go off any medications without consulting your doctor!)

How long should I do this?

Taken upon rising for 28 days, then take 7 days off. After about the 3rd day of being off you will notice a change, allergies may be coming back, energy levels down. Yes, you do need to take the week off.


Some want to know why their liver isn’t being “cured” because their symptoms will come back after 7 days. The problem is that we live in a toxic environment, so we have to do the liver cleanse forever.

Why? Because it’s so subtle you’ll think nothing is happening. After about the 3rd day all your symptoms will begin to return because we live in a toxic environment. The time off also allows your body to “reset” and rest. It’s kind of like eating, you should always take time out every now and then to fast, it allows your body to rest and renew.

Why lemon juice?

Lemon juice is phenomenal. Lemon juice will cleanse 12 different things out of your blood.

It also:

Acts as a motor stimulant

Alkalizes the pH level of your blood to a healthy level

Anti-scorbutic (prevents disease and assists in removing impurities)

Antiseptic (prevents sepsis and putrefaction of the body’s tissue)

Benefits bile formation, which is essential for optimal fat metabolism

Calcium builds bones and makes healthy teeth and strengthens and builds the lungs

Chelates the blood

Contains chemicals that help prevent against the development of kidney stones

Dissolves uric acid and other poisons

Fixes oxygen and calcium in the liver to regulate blood carbohydrate levels and oxygen levels

Helps dissolve and eliminate mucoid plaque from the digestive system

Hydrogen activates the central nervous system (oxygen and hydrogen = energy)

Iron builds the red corpuscles, cleans the blood plasma, aids in thyroid for deeper breathing

Its calcium strengthens and builds the lungs

Its sodium encourages tissue building

Oxygen within the lemon juice builds vitality

Phosphorus knits bones and stimulates brain for clearer thinking

Potassium helps nourish the brain and nerve cells

Potassium stimulates and builds the heart, kidneys, and adrenals

Prevents hardening of the arteries by controlling calcium use

Promotes peristalsis (eliminates waste from body via the digestive tract)

Relieves symptoms of indigestion (heartburn, bloating, belching)

Stimulates the liver

The liver can make more enzymes out of fresh lemon juice than any other food element

The richest source of vitamins and minerals, on land, known to man

If you have stomach ulcers, take lemon juice in small quantities and diluted in water to ease the burn. If you continue the lemon juice will provide the body with the nutrients it needs to deal with the ulcer. You may also want to take 1-2 Tablespoons of Aloe Vera Gel before taking the lemon water. Taking 500 mg of Bromelain (a digestive enzyme) has also proven to be helpful.

Why peppermint essential oil?

Peppermint oil releases drugs that are stored in your liver. Drugs that are stored in your liver block enzymes that are used to keep the liver functioning correctly. When the enzymes are blocked many people will experience weight gain or have allergies. When your liver begins clearing out these drugs you may experience stomach upset or heart burn, especially if you’ve been taking antacids for a long time. It will help clear prescription drugs and street drugs. It may help allergies, hay fever, gastritis, flatulence, nausea, vomiting, common cold, bronchitis, sinusitis, fever, and morning sickness. It energizes a sluggish body and promotes mental acuity.

Why lemon essential oil?

Lemon oil helps bile function from the liver to the gall bladder so it turns out bile salts that go into your intestines so that it can break down the proteins that you’re going to eat that day. It helps carry the sex hormones. (Having your gall bladder removed generally lowers your libido.) It helps boost metabolism, reduces toxic build-up in fat cells, and aids liver function.


Can I take it in water?

If you want to take it in water, that’s okay because water helps eliminate toxic body waste, empty stubborn fat stores from liver and hydrate cells so they are used as energy instead of fat molecules.


How long will a bottle last?

A bottle will last you about a month if you have a big family. Your investment is pennies on the dollar. If you go to the doctor for a flu or cold you have an office visit, a prescription(s), if you have insurance it might cost you as little as $35.00, if not then you’re looking at $100.00. The liver cleanse is so much cheaper and it has no negative side affects, no time off work.

Can I do the Liver Cleanse even while I am doing chemo?

Absolutely! In fact, it’s recommended! Just leave a 2-hour window between any cancer treatments and taking your liver cleanse.

Can I do the Liver Cleanse and still take my prescriptions?

Yes! Just leave a 2-hour window between taking a prescription and taking your liver cleanse (otherwise they’ll fight with each other).


Do I have to take a week off? I feel so miserable when I do.

It is best if you can. Some people feel so miserable when they do that taking a break can create quite the challenge for them. If you are one of those people continue moving forward, taking a day off here and there (generally do six days on the liver cleanse and one day off). Eventually your health will improve enough that you can do 28 days on and 7 days off.

Do I have to use Be Young brand of Lemon and Peppermint?

There are no other essential oils on the market – that we’re aware of – that will garner the same benefits. Every other essential oil line that we have researched and studied has been compromised in one way or another by:


Being extracted with hexane, or other toxins

Being steam distilled with chemicals in the steam to enhance the amount of oil that is extracted.

Being extended with synthetic oils, synthetic extenders and other potentially health-compromising synthetic ingredients.

Being extended–they’re “in a base of . . .” various kinds of fatty oils (almond, sunflower, etc), thus diluting the therapeutic value of the essential oils!

If the essential oil you are using is not 100% therapeutic grade and approved for internal consumption (EOBBD guaranteed) you are risking your health–you may not notice any immediate side effects, or you may burn your throat as soon as you swallow your liver cleanse, you may even need to visit the emergency room due to complications. Don’t toy with your health; make sure the essential oils you are using are good for you!

Penny Swann has been working with essential oils and herbs for over 10 years. She writes a weekly article for their newsletter subscribers. She and her mother, Debby, work as health coaches, helping people improve their lives daily in a natural way. Visit their website at to learn more about improving your health naturally.


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