Training Sales Managers – The Core Skills They Must Have Part 2

Training sales managers in your organisation will improve your results. An established fact. Though what are the key core skills to focus on that will bring the highest rewards. This is Part 2 of our core skills for sales managers.

In the last article we talked about some fundamentals. Like have good interpersonal skills, business knowledge and an understanding of the actual role that they will be carrying out. Now it is time to get into some of the actual day to day skills that they will be actively involved in. Such as sales coaching, recruiting representatives, running sales meetings and finally managing the whole process.

Recruiting New Sales Representatives

Sooner or later a sales manager will need to recruit new sales representatives. This is such a positive opportunity to bring in new blood to the sales team that can impact results in such a positive way. Recruiting is a skill that can be learnt. Training your managers to assess candidates objectively is key to bringing on board a new sales representative to your organisation that can deliver results.

Sales Coaching

Sales’ coaching is one of the most important skills that sales managers can leverage to improve the results of their team. We all know coaching works in the sports arena. The positive thing for us is that it works in business too. There is a well-known fact that the more practise you have at a skill the better you become. This goes for sales conversations as well. If your managers focus on coaching their team and practise with them the better results you will get, guaranteed.

Running a Sales Team Meeting

Sales team meetings can be nerve racking for even the most experienced sales managers. Yet they are a great opportunity for your managers to communicate a consistent message to all of her or his sales team. They need to be a mixture of skills training and business discussions. A tight agenda led by an individual that is inclusive and yet very much in charge.

Managing The Management Process

The definition of a manager is that they are someone that can manage a process. The same applies for managers of a team of sales people as well. For instance it is important that the sales team hit target. It is also important that data is relayed to the relevant departments on time so that this can be worked out by various performance measures Being a maverick sales manager might produce some outstanding results yet it is unlikely that it will be consistent. So when you are looking at the inputs to develop training for your sales managers. Make sure that you review these key areas.

Training sales managers like any process needs a step by step plan. These key areas we have discussed will give you a starter to get going with now.

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