UK Business Directory Listing Service

Here is a new service that every business in the UK can benefit from.

Get your business listed in top 20 local Business Directories and local yellow pages in the UK:    Google Local    Scoot    Touch local    City visitor    Ufindus    Find a business    Infoserve    Uk local search    City local    We love local    My Big local    Everything about UK    My local services    Kent find    Twist local    Yellowtom    local.thesun    Bizfo    Myneighbourhoods    Localpagestoday

Business Benefits:

  • Get significant exposure to your business through the top 20 UK business directory listings mentioned above.
  • Promote you business locally and internationally by listing it in these top 20 local sites.
  • Since search engines place importance on these sites, so local business listing would improve your site’s search rankings.
  • Very affordable and rapid online marketing strategy that can benefit every business.

Information Required From You:

1. Account info
First Name:(pseudo can be used)
Last Name:(pseudo can be used)


2. Business Info
Business name [Mandatory] :
Preferred Category [Mandatory] :
Description [Mandatory] : (200 characters max):
Designation of the contact [Mandatory] : (Eg: Managing Director, Sales Manager)
Local Phone [Mandatory] : (Non-toll free)
Address [Mandatory] :
City [Mandatory] :
State [Mandatory] :
Zip [Mandatory] :
Website URL [Mandatory] :
Fax [Optional] :
Company email [Optional] : (Email address through which customers can reach you)
Additional phone number and extension lines [Optional]:


3. Hours of operation [Optional]:


4. Payment methods accepted [Mandatory]: (Eg:American express, Visa, Master Card, Discover, PayPal, Google Checkout, etc)


5. Additional info [All fields are Optional] Other details you want customers to know about your business, for example:
Toll free number:
Year established:
Languages spoken:
Brand names carried:
Products and services offered:

Duration: This project will be completed within 5 working days of receiving the payment and above inputs from you, and you will receive a completion report.

Price: Only £29 per website — introductory price!

This is the best value for an effective business marketing service, and every UK business owner can benefit. Get started today!

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One thought on “UK Business Directory Listing Service”

  1. Hi All, here are a couple of points to address the frequent questions we have got:

    1. Please ensure that the information you supply does not have errors. To keep the service price very low, we have not budgeted for reviews and telecons/emails to correct errors.

    2. All the business listings are done manually by our team members; no automated scripts etc are used because they can enter data wrongly and moreover, the top sites don’t allow automated submissions.

    Overall, this is an effective marketing service being offered at a very affordable price.

    MyOrbit Team

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