Using the SMART Objectives in Attaining Your Goals in Sales

Any business man who wants to succeed in his respective field needs sensible and tangible objectives to obtain his goals. Likewise, if a company states that they would reap two billion dollars in revenues by the end of the year, it should definitely start with an attainable objective in which its goals are anchored to. However, even the smallest companies sometimes do not have any idea where to start building their goals. If “gaining revenues” is the only objective that companies have without concrete or substantial strategies to back it up; then it is time to reconsider the steps on how its goals are attained.

Many companies now employ what business experts call SMART, which stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-bound set of objectives. Through the years, this simple yet catchy acronym has enabled many companies to come up with objectives that are within their reach and are realistic enough to be achieved in a certain time. This acronym is also helpful to sales where standards for selling or even sales persuasion are a must.

Specific means that goals should be well-defined and focused. For instances, reaping two million dollars in five months by marketing a product through advertisements sounds more plausible than saying reaping revenues alone. This ‘focus’ can help businesses center their objectives and strategies toward a specific goal. Measurable pertains to the numbers that are used in the objectives. These numbers are indicators if the business or sales are growing or declining. For example, a publication company can assess if they are hitting the 40 per day quota for magazine distribution. Some experts experienced in sales coaching can help you identify your measurable objectives.

Attainable refers to the manageability of realizing a specific goal. More often than not, some business and sales people raise their goals to a point that they cannot reach them anymore. This then leads to the fourth word which is realistic. This means staying relevant in your goals and being honest in setting them. If you have problems with making your goals relevant or realistic because of stiff market competition, you can get help from a professional sales coach.

Last but not the least, all objectives should be time-bound. Since time is of the essence, it is important for business to clearly define when their objectives should be accomplished. Having time constraints not only helps you achieve your goals on time, but also puts discipline in the whole venture. There are sales coaching experts who provide training for sales employees to be manage their time well when it comes reaching sales objectives.

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