Website Questionnaire

Here’s our Website Questionnaire for creating a new website.

1. What are the main objectives of your business/company?
2. When and where was your business started?
3. Who are the people running/managing/leading the business? Please describe their profile in brief.
4. What are the different products/services offered? Please list them along with brief description. Include standard prices if available.
5. What are the biggest benefits of your products/services?
6. Who are your major competitors? Please name them and share their websites.
7. How are your products/services better than competition?
8. How many customers do you have and where all are they located?
9. What are some of the most commonly asked questions by your customers? Please also share your answers to those questions.
10. Please share any positive feedback/testimonials received from your customers and business partners.
11. Do your customers have a typical profile with respect to their industry, background, income, etc? If yes, please clarify.
12. Is there is any latest news related to your company that we can share on the website?
13. Please share your contact information: Phone, Email, Address
14. Do you have any certifications or memberships of industry associations? Please list them.

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