What Drugs Can Be Taken For Kidney Disease? Common Habits That Damage Your Kidneys

Herbal Medicine To Treat Kidney Naturally – Home Remedies!


The doctor may have told you that your kidney is a problem. You may still be afraid that you may have Kidney Failure. Whatever your situation, knowing what the most effective herbs for kidney symptoms could be found in a herbal leaves called “Sambong Leaves”.



The sambong leaves is very effective herbs for kidney disease because it is a popular diuretic and helps to improve the body’s ability to maintain water. The tea made from the sage is when consumed helps the body pierce much to remove excess water and salt. Studies show that high saltness in the body is one of the main causes of high blood pressure.

The sage is the only herbal medicine approved by the Philippine National Kidney and Transplant Institute as a herbal medicine herb that has the ability to slow down or prevent renal failure. Thus, this Philippine National Kidney will recommend the use of sage tea “sambong leaves” or any other forms of kidney Dysfunction. Interferes have shown good effects that help prevent the patient from possible dialysis or kidney transplant.

The “sambong leaves” sage is also known as kidney stones. The Department of Health of the Philippines recommends drinking health supplements made in the “sambong leaves” sage as diurectic and for digestion of kidney stones to treat kidney failure.




Here are the steps to make “sambong leaves” sage tea:

1. Take a leaf of “sambong leaves” sage and cut it into small pieces.

2. Wash it with clean water

3. Boil 50 grams of sage leaf in one liter of water

4. Let it be within 10 minutes.

5. Drink hot or cold depending on personal preference




According to experts, the most effective way to prevent kidney damage is not to take medicines for kidney, but to avoid of having kidney failure.

Here are the golden rules to prevent kidney disease:


1. Stay fit and active

2. Control blood sugar

3. Eating healthy and maintaining proper weight

4. Drink plenty of water

5. Do not smoke

Avoid unnecessary drugs, supplements and toxins

Look for your kidneys especially if you have high risk factors such as diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and family history of this disease.


What Drugs Can Be Taken For Kidney Disease?


The purpose of treating kidney disease is to stop or slow the progression of the disease, and one of the important parts of it is the control of hypertension or high blood pressure as I mentioned above.

Depending on your blood pressure, patients with kidney disease may be prescribed by blood pressure drugs such as Captopril or Losartan (many people preferred to let the doctor prescribe these medications and how often it is also how many milligrams).


Aside from anti-high blood treatment, it can also give diuretic drugs, especially when you have a kidney failure to pee very often and drugs to lower down if you are high in cholesterol. And if your kidney symptoms is a complication of diabetes, it is also part of the treatment of diabetes or any illness.

In addition with vitamins and minerals that can be reduced due to kidney disease. These include Vitamin D, Iron, and Phosphate. These depend on how much pain and your doctor can tell which one to drink.


Asides From Medicine, What Else Should Be Done To Treat Kidney Dysfunction?


The following should be done by patients with chronic kidney disease to prevent or slow the progression of kidney failure:

Quit smoking

Stop or reducing alcohol consumption

Eating healthy, not salty, and low in fat

Eating fruits and vegetables daily

Exercise at least 5 times per week

Reducing weight if you are obese or overweight

Bottomline is: Kidney disease is expensive and difficult to treat. Take a look at the necessary steps to protect our stones today.

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