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Break the chains holding you down keeping you in the land of mediocrity, and unleash the success within you. Working as a captive agent is holding you back and keeping you from ever getting the success you could have as an independent agent. Are you ready to break free of those chains and write your own path for success?

Let’s face it. After a few years working as a captive agent and surviving you’ve come to realize the very things you thought you’d be getting didn’t materialize, and the way the deal is structured you’re the big loser. No need to be bitter.

It’s simple: you learned a valuable lesson you needed to learn through personal experience. I’ve had three friends who dreamed of owning a Jaguar. None of them still own one because, as they explained to me, the fantasy of owning one didn’t match the reality of owning one. Where do you go from here?

You’ll be glad to know that because you’re one of the successful ones you have options. You have the option of re-aligning with an independent agency, or starting your own independent agency where you call the shots and craft your own deals. There are only three things you need to take advantage of your options.

You start by developing superior selling skills. It didn’t take you long to figure out that presentation they had you memorize wasn’t worth the paper it was printed on. Now that you’re ready to move into the real money you need to hone the skills you’ve developed on your own into the skills of a true professional. A true professional not only makes more sales, the buyer doesn’t feel like they’re being sold.

With that said the most important skill is the ability to acquire your own leads. You know from experience, the leads you got from the captive agency and the ones you buy from list merchants are about one step above worthless if they’re even that good. Real leads reach out to you because you have something they want. Those leads can and will buy from you.

Vitally important last and final piece: the confidence you gain from knowing what you’re doing and how to do it. This confidence comes from knowing how to run a business not represent a business. As an entrepreneur you stand to have all the gain because you take all the risk. Smart entrepreneurs reduce their risk by aligning themselves with others who can help them to get where they want to go faster with fewer mistakes along the way.

Although you would think the best source for learning how to develop a successful agency would be an agency mentor this can be a misguided perception. It’s great to have a mentor show you how they do things so you can emulate them and do those things too. The danger comes from making the same mistakes the mentor makes and trying to duplicate a business model that doesn’t match your strengths.

Indeed, the success that got you where you are isn’t what will get you where you want to go. You understand that. Others, like you, have found coaching is one of the quickest ways: to develop professional sales skills helping more prospects buy from you, develop the means to acquire your own qualified leads, and develop a successful and sustainable business.

Put more money in the bank by counting on yourself. Identify the areas you want to improve, and reach out and get the help you need. As the success you have today has proven the quicker you take action and the quicker you take right action the quicker you get what you want.

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