When Top Sales Professionals Get Stuck – This Is What They Do

I’ll bet you think those sales professionals in the top 20% never get stuck. Well, they do just like you. The difference is in how they handle getting unstuck and how you handle it.

The sales environment is never static. When you make the mistake of thinking it is, that’s the exact moment you get hit by the proverbial truck. In most cases there are warning signals that things aren’t going the way you want them to. Top sales professionals don’t make the mistake of ignoring these signals pretending they will go away. Instead they have their radar on high alert detecting and monitoring any and all potential changes in the sales environment.

Most sales people are far more reactive than proactive. You wake up in the morning hurriedly dress and run out of the house. All day long you chase after prospects and clients allowing them to dictate what you’ll do and when you’ll do it. Unfortunately, when you’re so wrapped up in the moment you focus on symptoms mistaking those symptoms for the cause of the problem. Top sales professionals recognize that it’s far easier to react to symptoms than it is to proactively get to the source of the problem, and focus on resolving the real problem.

Whether things are really good or really bad it’s dangerous to take either situation and treat is as though it’s the real circumstance. Top sales professionals realize you have to step back and identify the facts in every situation. Pretending things are different than they really are, is a dangerous and slippery path.

Most sales professionals ask why things are happening to them. This sets you up for a victim mindset. You never want think of yourself as a victim because no one is going to come in and act as your savior. You have to be your own savior. Thus those at the top of their field ask how they can turn their current situation into the outcome they want.

When you want to increase your sales you either try to go it alone, or you turn to your peers for help. Top sales professionals turn to guides who can help them get where they want to get quicker. They don’t typically turn to their peers because their peers aren’t experts providing the help they need. Peers are often:

  • too sympathetic rather than empathetic
  • too afraid if they help you that you’ll surpass them to provide any real help
  • too narrowly focused on what everyone else does to have an innovative approach that will really make a difference for you


You tend to look at what your peers are doing and imitate them. Top sales professionals look at what others outside their industry are doing and ask how they can use those ideas in their business. They then adopt those ideas, adapt them to fit their business, and then act on those ideas.

You try things for a while and then abandon them when you don’t get the results you want. Top sales professionals try things they know work for others, adapt those ideas, and then consistently implement those ideas adapting them as needed until they produce the outcomes they want from those ideas. Plus they only adopt ideas that are in alignment with what they’re doing and what they’re trying to accomplish.

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