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Working with many salespeople from top producers to those struggling to exist it’s clear there are five areas of sales that hold the greatest potential for improvement. Top producers work to fine tune their effectiveness in these areas. And others struggle to gain competence. These five areas include:


  1. Prospecting
  2. Overcoming objections
  3. Closing the sale
  4. Time management
  5. Consistency and momentum


The first part of your struggle comes from knowing what to do. Yes, many salespeople think they know what they need to do because of the sales training they’ve had. However, that sales training isn’t as effective as it could be because it’s event based making it impossible for you to absorb and apply the information you need, your prospects haven’t had the same training consequently they don’t play by the rules, and it isn’t specific to you and your exact challenges. Another mistake is doing exactly what everyone else in your industry is doing. Bottom line, if what you’re doing isn’t producing the results you want it’s time to figure out what to do to get those results.

The next gap is knowing how to do what you know you need to do. If you’ve ever watched professional sports you may have noticed that the difference between how the super stars do things and how the others do things isn’t easily observable. The same is true for the sales professional.

The only way to┬áincrease sales┬áis to take action. Although most salespeople are great at taking action they aren’t great at taking the right action. Right actions are the actions that consistently produce the results you want in the way you want.

There are more opportunities around you each day than you could ever fully take advantage of. The first step is opening your eyes to those opportunities. The next step is opening the door to taking advantage of those opportunities that are in alignment with your sales objectives.

Finally, if you want to overcome your sales struggles you must allow no excuses from this point forward. Everyone has things that are getting in their way, and if you let them they will keep you from getting what you want. In spite of that fact, you don’t have to allow them to keep you from getting what you want. You do have to develop plans for working around those obstacles, and then immediately implement your plans.

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