Why corporate training usually fails?

If you have worked in a corporate, then you have surely been ‘trained’ a few times – ranging from technical skills on how to use the new email gadget, to people skills like team management and negotiation, and business skills for sales and profitability. If you searched the market for trainers, you will be amazed at how many there are. A simple Google search for ‘corporate training’ gives back 162 million search results. Is that a lot? Well, a search for ‘viagra’ the super popular Internet product gives 42 million search results. The point is – corporate training is a very popular business expense.

Corporates seem to like making training investments, but do they pay-off? In this video prepared by Canada AM, Jim Clemmer explains why corporate training usually doesn’t work because the training is so far removed from the “real” work environment. One of his useful suggestions is about how the effective training is usually the one delivered by senior management – and as you can feel, its also the most difficult to achieve! His website is: www.Clemmer.net

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