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Everyone can have and use this secret weapon. It doesn’t require a financial investment nor do you need any special talents to use it. However, you will need to make a commitment to use this secret weapon every moment of every day to get the full value it holds.

This secret weapon is your opportunity radar. Sales is serious business, and you can’t afford to lose out because you’re radar isn’t working for you. To develop your opportunity radar you must first identify for yourself all the big problems or big wants that you can produce a desired outcome for. And you most only speak in terms of these outcomes never in terms of products, and never in terms of how great you are.

Develop a highly qualified prospect profile. Give your general profile person a name. Include every detail you can think of that would help you and others to find the people matching your profile. Include the standard things like age, sex, occupation, etc. also include non-standard things like special interests, beliefs, or hobbies.

Put yourself in your profiled highly qualified prospect’s shoes. Go where they go and experience what they experience. The more you can surround yourself with the people matching your profile the more opportunities your opportunity radar will detect.

Increase sales by enlisting the assistance of every person you encounter. Ask anyone who doesn’t match your profile who they know that does match your profile. Ask them to help you connect with that person. Make sure they appreciate the value of helping you to connect with this person, and make it easy and non-threatening for them to do so.

Recognize there are opportunities in nearly every experience you have. You just need to uncover them. Then you need to take action to reap the rewards of your opportunity radar. The more practice you have using your opportunity radar the more skilled you’ll become and the more your sales will increase.

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