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It’s painfully obvious to you the prospect needs your service. You’re excited because you know you can immediately help your prospect get exactly what they want. For some odd reason though, the prospect doesn’t seem to see things the way you do.

Rather than being perplexed or frustrated by this recognize you now have the power to make an easy sale. That is as long as you don’t blow it by trying to push for a sale the prospect isn’t ready for. At the moment you have a little misalignment issue to overcome.

Even though you:


  • understand the prospects problem
  • know exactly how your service will remove or eliminate this problem
  • and know the tremendous benefit your service provides for your clients


Your prospect doesn’t have any of this clarity, yet.

Your prospect is thinking:


  • “I better be careful what I say here before this sales person starts to try and talk me into buying something I don’t want to buy”
  • “I’ve tried to solve this problem before and it didn’t work, so I have no reason to believe your solution will work either”
  • “I’m not sure how your solution has much to do with resolving my problem anyway”


Now before you allow all this to make your guts churn and your head pound take a deep breath and prepare to remove the prospects concerns. Let’s put this in perspective. What if you were in the prospects seat?

You already know a confused mind will not buy. The buyer is simply confused about how this solution you’re so excited about matches up with their situation. They don’t “see” it working or they don’t “see” it working for them.

Aha, now you’re beginning to “see” the real problem. There are actions happening or not happening for the prospect, and those actions are inner twined with the prospects problem. You also have the problem that buying requires an action on the buyer’s part. So how do you align these actions?

Do you remember when you were a child and your parents told you “what you need to do is…?” Do you remember your reaction? I’ll bet you didn’t like it. Guess who likes it even less when a sales person tells them what they need to do? Yep, your prospect hates to be told “what they need to do.” Telling a prospect what they need to do immediately angers them, and makes them more likely to take an action exactly opposite the action you recommend.

Add to this negative response you’ve just triggered the confusion they have about your solution and, uh oh, you’ve set yourself up for “no sale” now or ever. So let’s back up a little bit and get you in the right position. The right position is a position that helps the buyer to buy.

Here’s how easy it is to increase sales and have your prospects eager to buy. Once you recognize your solution is a match for the problem the buyer faces instead of moving in the direction of selling move in the direction of discovery. Your objectives are to discover the current actions and uncover the desired future actions.

Make no mistake: problems and solutions are both about actions. Get the prospect to tell you about the actions or inactions happening now, and the outcomes those actions or inactions are producing. Then instead of telling them how those actions would be different if they’d just use your solution, ask more questions.

Ask your questions in a way that helps the prospect “see” a new more desirable future. Let’s use an example you can easily relate to as a buyer yourself. You want to take a vacation. You’ve already chosen the location and established a budget.

You have the choice of going on-line and booking and planning the entire trip yourself, or you could use a travel agent. You’ve done all this yourself in the past, however; you’ve sometimes been disappointed by the choices you made because you missed out on some things. You responded to an ad you saw about vacationing in the location you desire.

As you talk with the travel agent the agent asks,


  • “What if you and your family could spend 5 days in Hawaii within the agreed upon budget and everything was completely taken care of for you?”
  • “What if when you arrived you would already have reservations to do all the things you most want to do on your trip?”
  • “What if you could secure the dates, prices, and reservations now and wouldn’t have to think about it from this moment forward?”


The travel agent is getting you to “see” what it would be like to have their solution.

Not only that, but the agent is also helping you to see who takes what actions and when. The details of these questions are helping you to mentally see into a future you desire. Your desire to have that solution increases the more you can mentally experience having the outcome you want. It makes you “see” how this solution is possible. You understand how it benefits you, and you already know you want it.

Look into the future with your prospects. Yes, both you and the prospect will win as you almost effortlessly¬†increase sales¬†because you’ve made the confusing simple. You’ve made the impossible possible. Take advantage of the 7 Secrets report below and discover even more ways to increase your sales.

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