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Explainable AI (XAI) to understand ML Models

AI systems are increasingly being entrusted with making critical decisions. Many of these decisions might have a considerable impact on businesses and even our lives. Machine learning (ML) is at the core of these decision systems.

The evolution of deep learning has resulted in a tremendous increase in the accuracy of these decisions, but the machine learning models that these AI systems are based on are mostly ‘black boxes’. The human mind, however, is not comfortable with trusting a system that makes a decision without letting it into the rationale behind this. And where trust is in deficit, acceptance is difficult.

Explainable AI (XAI) refers to a set of tools and techniques that help us humans interpret and trust the decisions made by ML models.

– by Jayashree Arunkumar
Technical Architect, Incubation, Research and Innovation, TCS

Thoughts On 1000 Point Fall in Dow Jones

Create a massive fall in the market large enough to trigger stop-losses typically set up at 5% drop, and then buy blue chip stocks at 30% less price before they recover, sell Put Options at 1000% gain, blame it all on computers and trading algorithms. Some person or some company somewhere has walked away with billions in profits after this event. It looks very well planned. This event was most probably an example of higest form of market manipulation, a bold master stroke, though illegal and unethical.

To find answers, we need to check the money-trail. Continue reading

Robot With Biological Brain

A multidisciplinary team at the University of Reading has developed a robot which is controlled by a biological brain formed from cultured neurons.

(Yes, this is called cutting-edge research)

Kevin Warwick is Professor of Cybernetics at the University of Reading, England, where he carries out research in artificial intelligence, control, robotics and biomedical engineering.

“This new research is tremendously exciting as firstly the biological brain controls its own moving robot body, and secondly it will enable us to investigate how the brain learns and memorises its experiences. This research will move our understanding forward of how brains work, and could have a profound effect on many areas of science and medicine.”

A robot with a biological brain

This is the first step to examine how memories manifest themselves in the brain, and how a brain stores specific pieces of data. The key aim is that eventually this will lead to a better understanding of development and of diseases and disorders which affect the brain such as Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, stoke and brain injury.

The robot’s biological brain is made up of cultured neurons which are placed onto a multi electrode array (MEA). The MEA is a dish with approximately 60 electrodes which pick up the electrical signals generated by the cells. This is then used to drive the movement of the robot.

Every time the robot nears an object, signals are directed to stimulate the brain by means of the electrodes. In response, the brain’s output is used to drive the wheels of the robot, left and right, so that it moves around in an attempt to avoid hitting objects.

The robot has no additional control from a human or a computer, its sole means of control is from its own brain. Click here to read more…

Here’s a Zdnet article that discusses this project.

Artificial Intelligence Evolution & Trends

If you are interested in the concept of Artificial Intelligence, this post if for you. Here’s an interesting video on the topic of technological singularity.

The technological singularity takes place when the human race succeeds in creating an A.I being more intelligent than any human could ever be. Let us call it Alpha. Since the act of creating Artificial Intelligence is a task that benefits directly from the intelligence level of the creator, this more-intelligent-than-men being would surely be faster and more efficient at creating his own A.I being, let us call him Beta. This second generation being would too be better than its predecessor, and could in turn create a third one, Gamma, who is even more powerful, and so on. As capacity increases, the median generation time decreases, resulting in an exponential rate of evolution that quickly becomes asymptotic, at which point it becomes difficult to speculate further. No one knows what Omega will bring…

Many people think of Artificial Intelligence (or AI) as the stuff of movies, but it is not. AI is slowly but surely moving forward in multiple fronts. Every time, we develop a software (or a combination of software and hardware) that can make a decision on its based on dynamic events, it is AI.

We can be sure about the potential and very realistic possibility of AI playing greater role in more common works, like helping companies in analyzing data and trends to make business decisions. It may not be something that will be launched like a shining brand new car, but fair amount of groundwork continues to happen – for example, how Google analyzes the activities of millions of web surfers – developing a system that can do more than what any group of peoples can achieve. Some other companies are actively using Neural Networks in a variety of market data analysis and prediction. There are endless possibilities.

Do let us know if you are involved or interested in such projects. Some of our team members keenly follow such projects.

Phone Calls = Page Views?

Scott Hamilton, president and CEO of VoodooVox believes: “Phone calls are the new page views, and VoodooVox’s In-Call Network is the next breakthrough advertising channel. We strongly believe that most telephony services that consumers currently pay for can be delivered profitably and for less with advertising support. Our In-Call Media represents the new standard by which all voice-based marketing will be gauged.”

The idea is interesting and we will wait and see how consumers react to voice ads, while they are waiting on hold to speak with their bank or pay the utility bills. Meanwhile, Voodoovox has closed $8.1M Financing Round led By Softbank Capital.

Steve Murray, partner, Softbank Capital feels: “The potential for ad-supported telephony extends far beyond directory assistance applications….Over time, we expect VoodooVox to help drive new applications, improve customer experiences, and decrease pricing for consumer telephony services of all kinds while raising profitability for the call publishers that provide these services.” The full news release is on their website.

So what’s the takeaway for you? There are more and more options of advertising, and reach audience at the most suitable time and space. Following the Internet, the telephone services got online, and in a few years, we can have “personalized” digital TV channels (more about that sometime later). So for any product or service that you want to market, consider all possible alternatives – they are increasing all the time.