The Spirit of Leadership Part 2

What will leadership look like in the future? How will it be different? Based on the next generation of kids I know and have met, leadership could be a scary position for those who are chosen to lead. The next generation of kids follow a different code of ethics and possess a radically different set of values. For those reasons, the next generation of children will radically change how we think about leadership. It won’t be the same leadership hierarchy that we followed. You can be sure of that.

I’m starting to see some of the changes now. In fact, I’ve seen how parenting has changed over the past generation. Leadership has no choice but to change. Parents are friends instead of parents. Kids talk back to their parents and teachers. Kids even talk back to the law. The next generation probably won’t follow leaders for leadership sake.

There will be radical paradigm shift for leadership. While I’m sure exactly how leadership will change but we know for sure it will. But somehow, the next generation of leaders will be up for the task. They will find a way to face the global, national and local challenges that lie ahead. However, we need to adopt a new methods of training and developing our future leaders.

Although leadership may not be as rigid or structured compared to the leadership we grew up with, there is still a need for leadership and someone has to take charge.

According to former Secretary of State Colin Powell, leadership in the future will change in six major ways:


  • Leadership won’t be as hierarchal. The leadership triangle will be flatter.
  • Leaders will be more digitally knowledgeable.
  • Leaders will be better able to communicate.
  • Leaders will be better able to create organizations at no cost or minimal cost.
  • New forms of leadership will emerge.
  • Leadership will move away from conflict as a way of dealing with things.


However, this is one important caveat to this type of leadership. This type of leadership is predicated on the type of leadership in the company and the ability of its followers. Not all companies or organizations will be able to run their business like this.

Let me explain. To run an organization where leadership style is won’t be”dictatorial” and the hierarchy will be flatter, you will need a more educated, knowledgeable and better trained workers or staff. Basically, the workers have to be leaders.

And for that to happen, workers will have to receive leadership development training which will prepare them to become company’s future leaders.

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