What Motivates You to Perform?

Here’s a great presentation by Dr Patrick Dixon for MTN Mobile & Telecom. Dr Dixon is a business thinker and futurist. His Web TV site has more than 10 million unique users. He is Chairman of Global Change Ltd, author of twelve books (455,000 printed in 22 languages) including Futurewise and Building a Better Business, has spoken to audiences in 50 nations, and has been ranked as one of the 20 most influential business thinkers alive today.

In this video, he speaks about: How to make things happen. Connect with passion. Managing uncertainty with rapid change. Leadership styles. Why people get out of bed in the morning. How to motivate teams at work to do great things. Business management. Secret of leadership and ultimate leadership speech. Business ethics and values in corporations. Secrets of business success and increased productivity. Cutting costs. Increasing output. Adding shareholder value. Sustainable business success. Work life balance and lessons from non profits / volunteering. Why building a better world is such a powerful motivation.

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