You Are A Model of Leadership

Did you ever hear ‘man is the center of the universe?’ It sounds strange, right? But wait a minute, I am still proving it. When we feel uncomfortable, we are naturally tended to question severely and prove things either right or wrong. However, this article has nothing to prove about, but it may help somehow to stir up public consciousness.

In communist countries, blind submissiveness becomes a long standing culture. leadership is an unquestionable. The common reason or mind has invaded individuals’ uniqueness, and replaced it with a fear of exploration. In effect, people do not know what their role should be in a leadership role.

We should discuss issues freely and unconditionally from a personal matter to a leadership level in a critical manner. Leadership issues exist at all levels; they are inevitable, and that cannot be set apart from our daily lives. Many, however, think that leadership issues are restricted only to those who are at the office. It is a wrong perception, or a trick to divorce us from leadership roles. Leadership is, after all, an action to discover human potential, not collectively, but individually. Interested groups have failed terribly, but individuals won and outshined. Scientists, for instance, outclassed interested politicians. This is because scientists think individually, whereas politicians think collectively as a mob.

To begin with, there are a number of leadership models; some are out of date, while others are at the brink of death. From the trait leadership model to the modern model of integrated psychological leadership, there are 13 models. However, none of them could stand the pressure of time, culture, change and technological advancement.

With time, everything changes. Heraclitus said, “You cannot step twice in the same river.” Time is the only authentic witness that we should rely on for evidences and factual facts. What seems impeccable now may die shortly. For instance, the world has seen a number of powerful politicians, but with time they vanished once and for all. It is not only with politicians, but also with leaders. Legendary leaders, whom the world trusted most, are no more influential as they did in the past. This simply proves that past leadership models could not last long.

What is leadership model, anyway? Literally, a model is something worth of imitation, or a representative pattern of certain behaviors. Simply put, leadership model is an effort after discipline, commitment or conviction. It helps ease role confusion, chaos or complexities, and brings forth predictable organizational behaviors. Leadership model is, therefore, helpful for guidance and governance of promising future.

If you refer some leadership books, you may read a number of times that leadership is an action to guide thoughts and behaviors. However, a critical question may arise: what is a leadership behavior? Some experts define leadership behavior as the overall atmosphere of an organization.

How organizations or nations behave? There is no a specific parameter, but for far too long, nations behave destructively. Nations have been the victims of old leadership models. The wars, poverty, diseases, illiteracy or dictatorship are simple parameters of how a nation behaves. You might have pondered how your country behaves. If you have done it, what is the most important thing in your country, the individual or the state’s ideology? This question may divorce you from national prejudices or political blindness, but it will never ever hinder you from becoming an authentic leader. By authentic leader, I mean that, you are the leader and model of leadership.

The individual, I mean you, is the center as well as the master of a state. The individual is the nucleus around which the state is formed or established. An individual’s whole being bears the imprint of a state. Simply put, you are the signature of a state. It is logic that a state is byproduct of individual talents, that is, all its behaviors and practical practices are the manifestations or expressions of our individual dreams, creativity, purposes or aims. Therefore, you are the hub of a state and model of leadership. If you hesitate, you may wish to research or consult experts in the field.

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