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If you keep doing what you’re told to do you’re doomed. If you’re like 85% of your fellow producers, your career will end within your first 18 months. Of those making it 5 years the majority will burn out and give up. Thus if you keep doing what you’re told to do you aren’t likely to succeed.

Doing what you’re doing now guarantees a life of chasing after prospects who don’t want to talk to you, scraping to cover your bills each month, and living commission check to commission check. Most producers aren’t in the business long enough to even get a residual commission. If you want to eat you have to hunt fresh meat every single day.

While it’s great for the insurance companies if you continually sell new policies to new people it isn’t necessarily so great for you. That’s a hard life few can sustain even if they’re able to generate a livable income. Of course, the livable income is where the wheel comes off the wagon for most.

Many newbies innocently do exactly what they’re told to do by their sales manager because they think the sales manager knows how to succeed in the business. Plus they believe the insurance company wants them to succeed. In other words, you buy into not one but two fallacies. First, the insurance company doesn’t care if you succeed there’s another new agent coming on line to replace you as you read this. Plus if you fail they get to keep all the on-going earnings the policies you wrote generate long after you’re gone.

The second fallacy is your sales manager knows how to succeed in the business. If your sales manager were a super producer that sales manager would have a thriving business and wouldn’t want to be a sales manager. They’re struggling to pay their bills just like you and they think taking on this sales manager’s position will help them cover their expenses.

This is how it is, but it doesn’t have to be that way for you.

This is your business, your future, your family that’s on the line. Take responsibility and follow a path that leads to real insurance success. If you want to develop a successful insurance business one you can both sustain and enjoy there are a few things you’ll need to do. These are the things that will produce a path for your insurance sales success:

  • Discover how to market yourself so the people you want to sell to contact you
  • Narrow your focus and expand your expertise to better meet the needs of a select group of people
  • Develop a message that resonates with what your best buyers want to get, what they want to avoid, or what they want solved
  • Develop automated systems that transition strangers to clients
  • Develop automated systems to earn both repeat business and referrals from existing clients.


You see you can’t sell insurance until you know how to sell insurance. You’ll never learn how to sell insurance doing it the way you’re told to do it. You can choose to develop a business that produces real results or you can continue to eke out a bare minimum existence one commission check to the next. You can have your sales manager breathing down your neck or you can have your sales manager chasing after you begging you to tell how you’re producing the results you’re producing. As always the choice is yours.

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