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Many clients, friends and family members have made resolutions this year to start a website, a blog, an Internet business, online portfolio, or a hobby site. And two of the most common questions we get is this:

(1) How to buy a domain name?
(2) How to choose a web host? What web host do you use and what do you suggest for me?

So here’s a post that everyone can benefit from.

You can buy domain name from either of these two market leaders:  or

Now, let’s cover web hosting. It’s important to make the right choice here because there are dozens of options for different needs. But we have two clear recommendations.

First, a bit of background: at MyOrbit, we have over 50+ websites, blogs, and directories – that’s sizable online presence by any standards. Top quality web hosting is absolutely vital for our business. We found there are some good web hosting companies (who won’t fail you), many average (just running a business), and some bad (they are not responsive, and very expensive!).

Having used over a dozen web hosting providers over the last 4 years, we can confidently recommend the top 2. Because of their high quality, we have moved almost 90% of our websites to them. The remaining 10% continue to be other good webhosts only for historical reasons because we also bought the domains from them.

Top Recommendation #1: Apthost – This team is works 24×7 (don’t know how they do it, but they do it really well!). They are very good and quality of support is A+. 50% of our sites are running on AptHost. And they’re also the best web host on the Internet (as far as we know) on price/performance with best webhosting packages from just $2.95 per month! This is for shared web hosting, where multiple websites are hosted on the same server. Unlike many webhosts, Apthost does not oversell their server space, and ensures very good site performance. They also have very good larger hosting packages if you need them.

AptHost Webhosting

Their servers are in New Jersey with suitable back-ups, and they regularly add new features to their hosting. They also have higher-end hosting for a large e-business. In all, they are everything you need in a great webhost, and they stay on top of industry trends to give you the latest features. We are happy to recommend. You will also find our testimonial on their website. Learn more here:

Top Recommendation #2: JaguarPC – They promise high-end performance and they deliver it. They have great packages for semi-dedicated and dedicated servers, which become necessary when you have thousands or millions of visitors to your websites everyday, and lots of videos/files being run or downloaded. This website is running on JaguarPC – need we say more? Their support team is very responsive, and they won’t hit with you sales messages every week like some other web hosts. We really appreciate them.

Recommended for bigger hosting needs. Learn more here:

If you have multiple sites, then it is prudent to use at least two hosts and divide the sites between them. The above two are the best web hosts from our experience, and between them, you can cover every possible web hosting need — from lowest price to best performance. Hope it helped.

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  1. Beginners to the online world will be very pleased to hear that there are free web hostings available for them. They then pursue and compare those free web hostings from here.

  2. Well, based on our experience, the free web hosting packages often have some requirements like: you must visit their forum every 10-15 days, or else your hosting will be shut, or that you have to login at some place regularly so that they can build the ad revenue (its their business model). So free hosting is advisable for students or people with zero budget, and if you can even spend $25 per year, then there are good reliable like mentioned above.

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