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Alpha Neuron – Business & Investment Advisors

http://www.alphaneuron.com/images/decision1.jpg Alpha Neuron has expertise in Business Planning, Business Valuation, Business Buying and Selling, M&A, Startup Funding and Strategic Equity Investments.

Our work is backed by is a strong base of real-life business challenges and solutions. The quality of your decisions improves with experience, but that also means making mistakes as you go along. With Alpha Neuron’s help in business decision making, you can shave off some mistakes and add them to your list of successful decisions.

To help business owners and managers, we have prepared a few packages to solve specific business problems. For example, to increase sales, cut costs, create JVs, or improve team morale which has a direct bearing on productivity and profitability. Website: AlphaNeuron.com

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Setting Goals for Business and Life

What do you want to achieve? Before you actually set up, decide what you want to achieve with your business. If you are already in business, review where you are going, are you clear about this? Why not take some time out to think about and write down your goals for your business?

Write it down! Research shows that only 3% of people write down their goals, and on average these people earn 10 times those who don’t have goals. Plus research shows that people with up to date written goals are as much as 3100% more successful than people who do not have up to date written goals.

And make sure your business goals don’t conflict with personal goals or values. When you are thinking about your goals, think about and write down your personal goals too. And if you are a business owner with other shareholders, you will obviously need to discuss your responses with your colleagues, and agree on a shared set of goals for the business. Continue reading