Using the Theory of Supply & Demand in Service Sales to Your Advantage

Is there too much of you available to be desirable? If you’re ready to jump for every lead that comes your way, the answer is “yes”. Professional sales coaching will help you to understand you can increase demand for you by controlling supply without being discourteous to your prospects.

Have you ever noticed the more plentiful something is the less you want it? Well, the same is true when you make yourself available to everyone for any and all reasons. Professional sales coaching will enable you to see there are several things wrong with being overly accessible: it creates time inefficiencies and low productivity, it reduces your perceived valued in the eyes of the prospect, and it lowers your self-confidence because you’re setting yourself up to hear “no”.

So how do you increase demand and reduce your supply, and do it effectively without acting like a snob? This professional sales coaching secret is based on disqualification. Currently when you meet with a prospect or contact a lead you think of yourself as being accepted or rejected.

Your objective should be to reject any and all leads that aren’t qualified leads. You view this as being far more difficult than it is. Spend some time identifying the 1-5 key questions that you need answers to.

When you know the answers to these questions you will know if there is a reason for you to set aside time to spend with a potential prospect. That means whatever approach you’re using to attract prospects now needs to include a qualification step(s). When the prospect has successfully met the qualification criteria then and only then is there a reason for you to have a face-to-face appointment to discuss how your services might help them to get what they want.

Do you realize just how much time you’ll free up for actual selling if you stop meeting with the wrong people? You won’t be wasting ridiculous amounts of time running to meet people you shouldn’t be meeting with in the first place. And when you’re only meeting with real prospects, do you realize how much more productive you’ll be in terms of closed transactions?

When your focus is on disqualifying the prospect the power is in your court. In contrast, when you live in fear of being rejected by the prospect professional sales coaching demonstrates that you have forfeited your power. The funny thing is we all have an internal weakness meter, and when we sense it we move the other direction.

Review your appointment calendar over the past month. If you find that a paltry 20%-30% of the prospects you met with converted into clients that’s a clear indicator that you need to take the professional sales coaching philosophy of disqualification leading to a supply and demand advantage for you to heart. You have the power to put the ball in your court by knowing the critical qualifying questions and incorporating them into your marketing funnel.

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